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Cantilevered Decks: Top 23 Waterproofing Tips

Covered patio or second floor deck leaking?  Here are 23 simple moisture-proofing strategies to help prevent damaging water intrusion into your deck system. Cantilevered structural deck systems safely separate exterior habitable areas from the surrounding ground surface environment. When covered, […]

Roof Re-Covering: Building Code Facts

2009 International Residential Building Code re-roofing requirements are clear: removing and replacing damaged roof coverings with new roof coverings requires first removing all existing layers of roof coverings if the existing roof covering system is not structurally sound, is composed of wood shakes, or if it has two or more applications of any type of roof covering.

Hurricane Ike: Destructive Power Perfected

Of the sixteen named storms during the 2008 hurricane season, Ike was the most powerful. At one point, the diameter of Ike’s tropical storm and hurricane force winds were 600 and 240 miles, respectively, making Ike the largest Atlantic hurricane ever recorded.