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civil-structural-forensicsEstablished in 2001 as a traditional Civil Engineering Service firm, Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc. continues to provide credible, reliable, and durable technical support to each client. We focus primarily on serving business entities requiring traditional land development engineering services that include site development, drainage and underground utility design services. In addition, we offer various tpes of structural inspections, design and repair services to commercial, industrial, and residential clients. Finally, Jeff Lineberger, P. E., Principal of our firm, provides ongoing expert witness and forensic engineering services to insurance companies, law firms and private individuals.
Lineberger Consulting Engineers, Inc. focuses on providing innovative-“ROI” intensive technical solutions. We work with a range of clients including land speculators and developers, religious organizations, health care entities, homeowners/landowners, architectural teams, and Construction firms.
With the impact of the recent regulatory restrictions on Land Development over underground water resources in the central and south Texas areas, developing master-planned communities requires forward thinking design strategies. Simply put, a properly designed infrastructure system (water, sewer, drainage, and streets) must give long-term, scalable capacity that maximizes its return on investment and minimizes its life cycle costs. Lineberger takes a synergistic approach to facility engineering by synchronizing engineering skill sets with the technical demands of each engagement.
Additionally, Lineberger takes client service to a new level by giving all of our clients access to our online, web-based project management platform. This instant access portal gives our clients real-time, on demand project information 24/7. This complete “data transparency” empowers our clients by eliminating the traditional information bottlenecks that have historically plagued the engineer-client relationship. The result–anytime, anywhere project/contract access via the internet for our customers.


 Civil-Structural-Forensics  Civil-Structural-Forensics  Civil-Structural-Forensics  Civil-Structural-Forensics  Civil-Structural-Forensics