Need an Engineer’s Structural Certification Letter?

First, please check with your local jurisdictional authority to obtain current ordinance and building code requirements for your particular proposed project.  Generally speaking, an Engineer’s Structural Certification Letter helps advance your project towards permit completion. Here’s a quick checklist to consider before contacting an engineer:

-Find a Structural Engineer who performs Structural Inspections (Yes, we do Structural Inspections!).

-Hire the Engineer before your pour concrete if possible.

-If you do not have a foundation design, get one. You’ll probably save some money in the long run.

-Email your foundation sketch to the Engineer (if you do not have a drawing or sketch, that’s OK, but if the engineer gets to your site and determines the foundation violates code, the engineer must make a repeat inspection for added fees).

-Schedule your engineer to inspect your foundation (big or small).

-Request the engineer to provide you with the “Standard Engineer Letter” and send it to Development Services as required in accord with local jurisdictional requirements.ngineer’s Structural Certification Letter Engineer’s Structural Certification Letter Engineer’s Structural Certification Letter