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Load Bearing wall between kitchen and living area.

Hire a TEXAS LICENSED ENGINEER with 30+ yrs. experience to find solutions to your Load Bearing Wall issues. Fees based on structure size /location. Questions? Call/text for info or fee quote: 210.601.1379. Make an Online Appointment

Why get a Load Bearing Wall Structural Evaluation?


“…Peace of mind is by far the most frequent reason for getting a structural inspection…”

Buyers, sellers, or investors typically use these inspections to determine any future repair costs resulting from failed structural systems. A structural inspection done by a licensed engineer may reveal hidden performance issues before they become structural integrity problems.

Our Load Bearing Wall evaluations strictly conform to the following guidelines:

Guidelines for the Evaluation and Repair of Residential Load Bearing Wall Structures – Version 1
An occupant, owner and client interview covering a history of the property and performance of the structure.
A request and subsequent review of all relevant documents available from the client (e. g. frame documents, construction drawings, geotechnical reports, structural diagnostic reports, previous engineering opinions & testing).
Visual observations during a physical walk-through of the facility investigated.
Identifying factors influencing the performance of the frame system and a written report, containing at least the following: a) scope of services, observations, site characteristics, and data deemed pertinent by the engineer; b) a discussion of major factors influencing framing performance and rationale in reaching conclusions concerning the subject residence; c) conclusions and any recommendations for further investigation and remedial or preventative measures.