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Jeffery L. Lineberger

Engineer, Builder, Entrepreneur.

Twenty-six years engineering, design and technical experience covering a range of practice disciplines including Civil Engineering, Water & Environmental Resources, Structural Design, Municipal Land Development, Residential & Commercial Construction (Design/Build/Consult), and Forensic Engineering.

Lineberger Appointed to Perform TDI Windstorm Inspections

Jeff Lineberger, P. E. has been approved by the TDI to perform Windstorm Inspections in high wind areas with the State of Texas.

TDI & Windstorm Inspections

Lineberger elects to apply for certification as a TDI Windstorm Inspector.  Once approved,  Lineberger will conduct TDI Windstorm  inspections along the Texas Gilf coast, including those areas affected by the recent hurricanes & associated wind damage.